Olivier de Kerten

Olivier David de Kerten is a French contemporary artist who lives both in Asia and Europe. His numerous trips are taking part of his source of inspiration. Cultures from faraway countries have taught him that beauty resides in simplicity and that nothing is left to chance.
Time, traditions and the peoples are the very essence of that astounding mosaic of cultures; art entirely remains our common denominator.

Self-taught artist, he has been passionate about drawing since his early childhood. As an art history student, he immersed himself in a fascinating world that enabled him to understand the force of each artistic movement and its artists over time. But he has a predilection for the Bauhaus period and the Russian painters like Wassily Kandinsky or Kazimir Malevich, who were among the first to express themselves through a purely abstract language.

… also

The geometrical and abstract style of the artist distinguishes itself by a research for movement in the juxtaposition of shapes and colors. In every one of his works, the expression of a common language, specific to the artist, can be recognized.

He paints and create structures without any influence even if he follows on from Mondrian for whom everything was based on the radical purification of the painting, progressively evacuating the slightest reference to what is naturally visible in favor of a vision of the Universal.

The artist sustains his quest towards an a priori simple structural universe, composing more and more complex structures from classic geometric shapes to create multiple dimensions in movement, with the only purpose of resulting in an emotional work.

… and now

Today, the artist carries on his creating process exploring his own abstract and pictorial language: “emotional and geometric abstraction”.