Olivier de kerten



Olivier de Kerten
Avant garde contemporary artist. Astrazione emotiva

Olivier de Kerten is a contemporary French artist. In this site you will discover some of his recent artworks. In ognuno di essi, scoprirai un linguaggio comune definito dall'espressione emotiva. The artist creates a timeless genre of colours to express the depth of human emotion. He defines himself as an artist of emotional abstraction. He adopts a very particular style which consists in breaking with the classics of abstract painting. He associates colours through a process of gestural painting or gestural abstraction. He embarked on action painting by propelling painting in a spontaneous and non-figurative way, layering colours to arrive at a new constant.

- I can't explain it, but I think it's because my painting is a kind of communication with something beyond myself. I find myself in an emotional dimension. It's like I'm not really there. It's only after I get to know the painting that I see what I've been about. I don't have any fear about making changes or destroying the image because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through me, and that's when the results are good—when there's pure harmony and an easy give and take between me and the painting, so that it comes out well.⁣— Olivier de Kerten

Emotional abstract Arte

A demonstration of an explicit way of the emotion through simple artistic expressions.

L'artista moderno lavora con lo spazio e il tempo, and he is expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.
Jackson Pollock


Facing the World
Facing the world 100x100 cm
Singularity 100x100 cm
Solar Wind II 100x100 cm
Solar Wind
Solar Wind 100x100 cm
Momentum 130x97 cm
The journey
The Journey 97x130 cm
Odysee de la pensee
Odysee de la pensee 93x74cm
The starts tomorrow
The day starts tomorrow 74x93 cm
Transgression 61x82 cm
8 minuti negli universi
8 minutes in the univers 40x40 cm
Energia positiva
Positive energy 50x50 cm
Dilatazione del tempo
Time dilation 40x40 cm
Insomnia 30x30 cm
Accesso libero
Free access 100x100 cm
Prospettiva di libertà
Perspective of freedom 100x100 cm
Nessun commento
No comment 100x100 cm
Principio di sovrapposizione
Principle of superposition 100x100 cm

ART e Showroom

These are the most exclusive artworks the artist has displayed in private showrooms.

I'm not looking for perfection, but my creative work brings me peace of mind. They are the essence of my artwork because I believe in the supremacy of pure feeling in my creative art.
Olivier de Kerten


La folla è la cosa più difficile per me in questi giorni perché devo camminare con la testa bassa e gli occhi distolti. C'è ancora quella parte di me che vuole tenere la testa alta, stabilire un contatto visivo e sorridere. (c)